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At 24-Hour Attorney Referral, we have set up this website for you to get the information you need and the help you deserve. You may be eligible for $10,000 in benefits if you have been involved in an SUV, car, motorcycle or truck accident. Too many times the vehicle accidents will happen and your injuries will need treatment, you will need a replacement vehicle, insurance companies will pressure you among many other issues. We have set up this 24 Hour hotline 1-800-577-5799 for you to call 24 hour a day and get the answers and help you deserve.
Here Are Some Quick Tips

Do I have to stop after an auto accident? Yes. Florida law says that you must stop if the car crash involved a pedestrian, a moving vehicle, a stationary vehicle or any property. Driving away may cause you to be charged with hit & run regardless if the injury's or accident wasn't your fault. Remember: Hit & run penalties are extremely severe. You could be fined, jailed or even both along with losing your drivers license. Exchange information with ALL the involved drivers including, the drivers license number, the VIN (vehicle identification number) of the car you are driving, name and address of the owner, your insurance company and of course your insurance policy number.

What information is required from all parties at the accident scene? Give each other your drivers licenses and both vehicle registrations. Write down or take pictures with your cell phone camera the following documents (make sure if you take pictures that the pictures are not blurry and readable:

All drivers names, their addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers
All drivers license numbers with associated expiration date of all insurance companies.
All cars make, model, license plate number and vehicle identification number.
All names and telephone numbers of all insurance companies of all registered owners
All names, addresses, drivers license numbers and telephone numbers of ALL passengers.
All names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses to the accident.
Pictures of all vehicles and the scene from every angle possible with your camera or cell phone.
Pictures of all people involved in the accident if you can.

If you need help immediately, we have a online consultation form available to you HERE for you to fill out so you may get answers immediately. If you would like to speak with our attorney referral service please call this 24 Hour hotline 1-800-577-5799 to get in touch with someone who will get you the answers you deserve

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